Power BI Implementation and Adoption

Want insights from data but don't know where to start... Having the right professional is essential to gaining the most out of your investment and unlocking potential

Power BI Workshops and Training

Already have BI software but need a workforce that is fluent in its use? Training and workshops are great for unlocking the potential of your workforce. With training, staff gain insights from your data with understanding of the software.

Data Analysis and Solutions

Looking data analysis, discovery or solution without anything too involved? A Datanaut will analyze anything you have, with clean up, presentation and insights quickly and uncover insights.


Bring me your Data Challenges

Power BI and Data are challenging. Many times we need Power BI implementation and strategy as much as we need the insights the software can produce. Datanauts will effectively implement Power BI for your enterprise and start demonstrating insights from your treasure trove of data.

Teach a Person to Power BI and...

They will be the data champions of your organization or enterprise. Power BI is insanely effective as Self Service Business Intelligence. Meaning no expensive consultants or projects, just user training and empowerment!

Let's chat about the Insights you've been missing...

Reach out and we'll cover how insights are hiding in data at your enterprise.