My Development Efforts Allow Snohomish County to win 1st Place -

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Snohomish is diving into data analytics for internal- and external-facing program areas, using Power BI to help bring data to life. One particularly compelling example is its parcel-level information on how county property taxes are distributed to various programs.

Citizen Tax Dashboard - Snohomish County, WA

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Build by myself to serve the 300K citizens of Snohomish county by providing a personalized experience. Citizens have the ability to pass the parcel number of their property and are returned the taxes they owe to the County.

Florida Alligator Report - Power BI

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Power BI's PDF data connector allows users to download PDFs and scrape the table data right off the document. No need for it to be anywhere like Excel, just get access to the PDF and start analyzing your data.

President's Day Report - Power BI

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Finding data sets online, I was able to learn interesting factoids about our Presidents. Like that the Democratic party is slightly taller than Republicans. Ohio and New York have produced the most Presidents.

Florida's Restaurant Grades - Power BI

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Data sets from government websites are helpful in learning more about your community. Power BI is a powerful tool in inspecting the quality of restaurant's in my county.

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