Excel Sheets only Tell Half your Story

Your small business runs on tons of excel sheets. Sheets are in workbooks for expenses, a few sheets for budgets, and even more for tracking metrics. The question is always asked: We spend so much time tracking this data, what are we learning from it?

Let’s start learning from our data and I have a challenge for you.  There is no ice bucket, no dances. The challenge is to explore your excel sheets in a new light and gain insights about your business. The expedition for business data value starts with a download of Power BI from Microsoft.

Start exploring data on your own:

1.    Download/Install/Launch

This is one step because it’s seamless.

And Power BI Desktop. It’s Free!


Here is a getting started guide just in case:


2.    Click on Get data

Click Excel


Then navigate to your Excel Sheet. Try Power BI with any excel, even just for fun!

If you need a data set, I suggest exploring https://www.kaggle.com

On this site, you will find tons of data sets that are centered around your interests. Anything from Rotten Tomato movie reviews to US Housing Data.

3.    Start Exploring

Pick a visual and start dragging and dropping Fields into the visual Power BI Canvas.