My Story

As a digital story teller, my passion is creating data solutions that enable decision support for clients, and citizens. Visually presenting data for exploration. Taking you on a journey from information to knowledge and arrive at wisdom, all with data. Advocate for transparency in government data and data democratization.

Microsoft Certificates in:
Data101x - Introduction to Data Science
DAT207X - Visualizing and Analyzing Data with Power BI
CLD227X - Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist

Successful background working with stakeholders/directors/boards to develop architecture solutions that align data, processes, and IT assets with business goals and out-comes.

Tools of the trade include Power BI for visualization and reporting, Flow, Microsoft Azure Platform, Feature Manipulation Engines, SQL, R, T-SQL, SSIS.Knowledge in project implementations of Power BI enterprise positioning and supporting Azure architectures for data, Dynamics 365 F&O, ERP Reporting.

Meet the Squad

Remote work leaves me with great company through out the day.
Take a moment to get acquainted with the dream team of the home office.

We will be doing 'Employee of the Month' soon.



CBR - Chief Ball Retriever

Leading home operations of ball retrieval, Honey is a skilled Shepherd that lives by the mantra of: 'Ball is Life'



Lead Sleep Engineer

Do what you are passionate about and you'll never work a day in your life - Boss has taken this to heart as he leads our Engineering arm.



CCO - Chief Cuddle Officer

Wants cuddles, but pretends she doesn't like them. Typical CCO.

Get in touch with the Dream Team...

I love solving data puzzles, problems, and building systems to support businesses with their data. If you have an inquiry, please reach out-