Power BI & Power Query

Expertise in Reporting, Data Visualization, Advanced Analytics, Statistical Analysis and Power Query specialty in data transformations, wrangling and data clean up. Quickly unlock insights from your own desktop.

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Data Analytics

Time is spent inputting data into systems, but what are we doing with it? Do you have a proportionate return on the time invest spent inputting data. Put your data to work by unlocking insights with advanced analytics.

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Enterprise Data Solutions

Big enterprises call for big data solutions. Putting data to work for your enterprise can be a challenge without the right people, architectures and processes. Unlock competitive advantage insights.

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Data is your greatest Ally, or your biggest Enemy

We are huge data producers. But in the last decade or so, we have become data consumers. User taste for data consumption and its' insights is exponentially increasing, as we use data analytics to inform business decisions, our travel, eating, fitness and everything else.

When data is localized and simple it is fun to track your steps or see views of a LinkedIn article. But, when data becomes complex and large in scale, like in your enterprise or company, you need the right person to wrangle it and unlock it's potential.

I harness this potential and provide competitive advantage insights that leave your enterprise a happier data place.


What I do for Enterprises and Clients...

I specialize in unlocking the value of your data ranging from individual user to the enterprise, my skill sets allow clients to leverage data for decision making on a business level providing competitive advantages.